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Salades Catalanes

Basic for all the recipes: Lettuce (not iceberg), tomato in slices (not in quarters), black olives (just a few), slices of a pepper fruit in halves (red, green or yellow) and slices of hard-boiled eggs. A fine substitute for the traditional dressing of olive oil and vinegar is relish (pepper relish). Relish contains zero fat:

Salade Catalan: add filets of anchovies 

Salade Montagne: add Italian dried ham and salami

Salade Tuna (= Niçoise): add a tin of tuna fish

Salade Pecheur 1: add a tin of mussels (or better mussels in their shelves). Add mayonnaise if you like it

Salade Pecheur 2: add cold fried or boiled salmon. Add mayonnaise if you like it

Salade Campana: add slices of smoked (or fried) duck's breast, Roquefort and hazelnuts

Salade Avocat: add a whole avocado, parted in two and take out the stone: The dressing in the two holes. Here the dressing must be olive oil and aceto balsamico mixed with chopped parsley

One of the fine things, I learned when I spend my holiday in Catalonia in France, was the culture of salads in every bar, served as the main course on a very big plate. All the ingredients you can easily buy.

Salade Calamares: add slices of boiled octopus 

Salade Italienne: add melon in cubes and Italian dried ham

Salade Chevre: add slices of goat cheese, you have heated up in the oven

Salade Foie Gras: add slices of pâté de foie gras *)

And now the wildest: I cannot remember the name: add smoked (or fried) duck's breast and three spoonful of lemon sorbet (yes ice-cream) – marvellous taste *)

*) No hard-boiled eggs in the two last ones

In Catalonia they were serving pommes frites (French Fries) to all these dishes on a separate plate. I prefer bread -flûtesor bread from my Italian baker.

(Photo: Place de la Republique, Vernet les Bains. SBL 2003) - Mailto: