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My name is
Steen Bille Larsen. 

I am living in the centre of Copenhagen, next to Dronningegården (Queens Plaza), a masterpiece in Danish architecture.

Born 1942, graduated from University of Copenhagen 1976 /1981 (history / literature)

  • Emeritus 2017-. Editor of the periodical "Bibliotekshistorie" and treasurer in Danish Society for Book Craft (Forening for Boghaandværk)
  • Advisor to the Director General, The Royal Library 2013-2017
  • Deputy Director General and National Librarian, The Royal Library 2005-2013
  • Deputy Director, The Royal Library 1988-2005
  • Advisory Librarian, The Royal Library 1987-1988
  • Research Librarian, The Royal Library 1978-1987
  • Assistant Lecturer, University of Copenhagen 1978-1979
  • Student & Assistant, The Royal Library 1973-1978
  • Business Manager, editor Politisk Revy (bi-monthly magazine) 1963-1973

My professional interests are reflexting my personal interests.

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